Talent Acquisition Consultant

Bench Talent

I head up the Data Science and Analytics vertical within the Talent team, placing candidates regularly who have Data Science, Statistical Modelling, SAS, SPSS, R and Python skills.

Having graduated from Brunel University in Accounting & Finance, I came to the realisation that my personal attributes would be better suited to a sales role and the Data Science vertical seemed an obvious choice for me when joining Bench Talent.

Rum Connoisseur, Arctic Monkeys Groupie and Grade 8 Pianist!



If you have a Data Science, Data Analytics or Insights requirement within your business, please give Dan a call. Alternatively if you are looking for a role in this area he would be pleased to see your CV and cover letter and can advise of suitable live vacancies which might suit your skills.

Talent Pool

Marketing Marketing Automation, CRM, Agencies, Direct Marketing, Client Services
Digital SEO, PPC, UX/UI, Mobile App Development, Website Development, Web Analytics / Tracking
Data Business Intelligence, Data Science, Big Data, Database Development and Management, Data Architecture and Engineering, AI
IT IT Security, Cyber Security, Software Integration, Infrastructure, ERP, Application Support