Talent Acquisition Consultant

Bench Talent

Following the completion of my Sociology Degree, I am now in a position where I am able to utilise the vast skills I gained, whilst incorporating my love for all things tech.

Heading up the software engineering vertical, I represent top tier permanent and contract individuals within the software programming, engineering and developing sector. Focusing on Python, Android, Javascript, Django, Flask, plus many more through to IOS, with a focus on frameworks such as React.js, Angular.js & Node.js to name a few.

Elite Gamer, Tequila Connoisseur, Boy Band FanaticĀ 

Talent Pool

Marketing Marketing Automation, CRM, Agencies, Direct Marketing, Client Services
Digital SEO, PPC, UX/UI, Mobile App Development, Website Development, Web Analytics / Tracking
Data Business Intelligence, Data Science, Big Data, Database Development and Management, Data Architecture and Engineering, AI
IT IT Security, Cyber Security, Software Integration, Infrastructure, ERP, Application Support